Birgit Schmidt†, Andrea Bertino, Daniel Beucke, Helene Brinken, Najko Jahn, Lisa Matthias, Julika Mimkes, Katharina Müller, Astrid Orth and Margo Bargheer†,

Open Science Support as a Portfolio of Services and Projects: From Awareness to Engagement.

 Publications 2018, 6(2), 27;

Together with many other universities worldwide, the University of Göttingen has aimed to unlock the full potential of networked digital scientific communication by strengthening open access as early as the late 1990s. Open science policies at the institutional level consequently followed and have been with us for over a decade. However, for several reasons, their adoption often is still far from complete when it comes to the practices of researchers or research groups. To improve this situation at our university, there is dedicated support at the infrastructural level: the university library collaborates with several campus units in developing and running services, activities and projects in support of open access and open science. A new article published in Publications – Open Access Journal of Scholarly Publishing –   outlines the main activity areas and aligns them with the overall rationale to reach higher uptake and acceptance of open science practice at the university. The mentioned examples highlight how UG seeks to advance open science along the needs and perspectives of diverse audiences and by running it as a multi-stakeholder endeavor. Therefore, these activities involve library colleagues with diverse backgrounds, faculty and early career researchers, research managers, as well as project and infrastructure staff.
The Goettingen State and University Library is leading the work package 7 of the HIRMEOS project.  In the third part of this paper you can find more information about the project and its activities.  Here to the paper 
New Case Report on Open Science at the Göttingen University Library

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