HIRMEOS project will involve 5 publishing platforms:

  1. OpenEdition Books (FR) is the OpenEdition platform dedicated to Open Access books. OpenEdition books is run by the Center for Open Electronic Publishing (Cléo), the french national infrastructure supported by CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, EHESS and Avignon University. It disseminates more than 2700 – and counting – Open Access books from 51 publishers. OpenEdition Books works with Lodel, a free software developed by Cléo dedicated to Open Access publications in Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. The OAPEN Library (NL) contains  2600 freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences. OAPEN works with 120 publishers to build a quality controlled collection of Open Access books, and provides services for publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of deposit, quality assurance, dissemination, and digital preservation. OAPEN Library is run by OAPEN Foundation in Netherlands. OAPEN Library works with XTF, an Open Source platform for providing access to digital content, developed and maintained by the California Digital Library (CDL).
  3. ΕΚΤ ePublishing service (GR) : Funded by structural funds and own funds, the ePublishing service of the National Documentation Centre, Greece, offers advanced e-infrastructures and related services to institutional publishers in Greece (universities, research centers, scholarly societies and  memory institutions) to publish peer-reviewed journals, proceedings and monographs in the  Social Sciences and the Humanities.   EKT ePublishing service works with Open Monograph Press (OMP) for monographs. OMP is an open source software platform developed by the Public Knowledge Project for managing the editorial workflow required to see monographs, edited volumes and, scholarly editions through internal and external review, editing, cataloguing, production, and publication. OMP can operate, as well, as a press website with catalog, distribution, and sales capacities.
  4. Göttingen University Press (DEU) is the publishing house of Göttingen University and has published scholarly texts by researchers affiliated with the university since 2003. It is managed by an editorial board made up of representatives of the various faculties as well as of the University Medical Center Göttingen.In terms of strategy, Göttingen University Press supports the principles of Open Access, i.e. the provision of online content for users free of costs and limitations. We support our authors in publishing electronic and print-based texts. Göttingen University Press aims to give unlimited public access to research publications and to facilitate high-quality publications which, due to the specialisation of their content, will not easily be accepted by commercial publishing houses.All digital publications of Göttingen University Press are made available to the public on a permanent basis. Printed titles can be ordered directly through the publishing house as well as through traditional or online book shop.
  5. Ubiquity Press (UK) : Ubiquity Press is an Open Access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals, books and data. UP operates a highly cost-efficient model that makes quality Open Access publishing affordable for everyone. UP also makes its platform available to the Ubiquity Partner Network, providing the infrastructure and services to enable university and society presses to run sustainably and successfully. Ubiquity Press works with RUA. RUA is an Open Source application developed by Ubiquity Press and designed to assist with the Monograph publishing life cycle. Stages include: optional proposal, submission, internal review, peer review, copy editing, production, publication.