Newsletter Nr. 2               August 2017


 Dear readers,

Welcome to the second edition of the HIRMEOS newsletter. The HIRMEOS newsletter keep you updated about developments in the project High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure (HIRMEOS).

Among the various project activities of the last weeks we are delighted to present you three new  deliverables.

With the document Governance and quality assurance of service, our Work Package (WP) 4 has set the framework for a certification system. The aim is to create a certification system for peer review procedures and open license, for publishing platforms, at the level of publishers, books, and book chapters. The objective within HIRMEOS is to implement the service for publishers that make use of the publishing platforms of project partners (OpenEdition Books, Ubiquity Press, Göttingen University Press, EKT Open Book Press and OAPEN). The Certification service is provided by the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), which is operated by OAPEN.

The WP3 tested NERD service on the publishing platforms of project partners. NERD - Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation allows the users to analyze any textual resource published on the and to extract from the text the named entities detected, typed and disambiguated by various NE extractor APIs. As expected the NERD service is correctly running on the publishing platforms of project partners and the annotations are following a minimum robustness for each application fields.

The WP7 has realized our Dissemination Toolkit which can be used by  the  project partners and by everyone willing to make the HIRMEOS project known.  The Dissemination Toolkit presents the HIRMEOS design core identity and various dissemination material. On our website you can download different  posters and flyers, a small postcard, a layout for PowerPoint presentations as well as the project logo in different formats.


Andrea Bertino

Goettingen State and University Library


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Conferences and Presentations

HIRMEOS at the Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

HIRMEOS at the Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017

The fourth DHBenelux Conference ( took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 July 2017. The conference was hosted by Utrecht University and open to everyone, including researchers from outside the Benelux. Andrea Bertino (SUB Göttingen) was very glad to attend the conference, chair a section  and present the HIRMEOS project. Although the conference was primarily …

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HIRMEOS at OAI10 - CERN - UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication

HIRMEOS at OAI10 - CERN - UNIGE Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication

Arnaud Gingold attended the OAI10 Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication held in Geneva on 21 and 23 June. He had the opportunity to present HIRMEOS poster and we were delighted to see how much interest the HIRMEOS project generated among the participants. It was a very fruitful workshop, both for its content and for possible future collaborations.HIRMEOS POSTER OAI …

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Save the Date

• PKP 2017 International Scholarly Publishing Conference, Montréal (Canada), August 2-4

• IFLA Satellite Meeting 2017: Digital Humanities, Berlin (Germany), August 15-17

• Open Science Fair 2017, Athens (Greece), September 6-8

• Open-Access-Tage 2017, Dresden (Germany), September 11-13

• 9th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing, Lisbon (Portugal),  September 20-21

• Frankfurter Buchmesse, Frankfurt a. M. (Germany), October 11-15

• FORCE 2017, Berlin (Germany), October 25-27

• OpenCon 2017, Berlin (Germany,) November 11-13

• Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing, Tromsø (Norway), November 22–23.

Pierre Mounier                                           Andrea Bertino
Project Coordinator                                   Communication/Dissemination
OpenEdition                                               Goettingen State and University Library