The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) announces the establishment of a new strategic partnership with a member of the HIRMEOS project, the National Documentation Centre(EKT) of Greece.

PKP, founded 1998 by John Willinsky, is a multi-university initiative developing free open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing. EKT, an important National e-Infrastructure and a network for science, culture, research and innovation, has been a major adopter and advocate for PKP’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Monograph Press (OMP) both in Greece and throughout Europe. Within the framework of the HIRMEOS project, EKT has contributed in particular to the implementation of persistent identifiers on the Open Access publishing platforms of EKT- ePublishing, Göttingen University Press, Oapen, Openedition Books, and Ubiquity Press .

This new partnership opens up exciting perspectives for Open Access scholarly publishing and underlines the importance of research infrastructures capable of coordinating the activities of different kinds of stakeholders.  To find out more about the challenges related to the development of such infrastructures, you can participate in the conference organized by EKT as member of the OPERAS-D consortium: Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Challenge. Here the program of the OPERAS conference which takes place  from 31 May to 1 June 2018 in Athens.

Strategic Partnership between PKP and EKT

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