HIRMEOS Hypervideo on OA Monographs


As already announced, it was our intention to present the HIRMEOS project’s animation video as a hypervideo complemented at specific points by links to external resources and additional materials.

The open source software FrameTrail allowed us to annotate the video in a way that the different resources organized in four thematic collections are highlighted when the video deals with a related topic. FrameTrail is a web-based tool which is still under development and at the moment most suitable for a desktop or tablet experience.

The aim of the interactive video framework is to offer a point of reference for all those seeking information on the topic of the Open Access monographs. In fact, the collections with the hyperlinks of the hypervideo will be constantly updated, so that the hypervideo present a selection of the most important current content. In our intentions, the hypervideo should become the starting point of a portal dedicated to the Open Access digital monograph.

What you can see here is still an experimental version, which will change and improve in the coming months.

The hypervideo-Layout

On the right side of the video you can find an interactive text transcript. This transcript can be used to reach different points of the video to find a specific information and can of course be annotated via Hypothes.is. The four collections under the video, which  can be visualized one at a time, are the following:

Partners & Platforms, which provides links to partners and digital platforms involved in our project.

Services & Tools, with links to websites of the resources HIRMEOS is using to enhance the OA digital monograph.

Open Access Basics, presenting encyclopedia entries or similar contributions on basic concepts of Open Access publishing.

Scientific publishing, with PDFs of articles, monographs and other forms of publication investigating topic related to the Open Access monograph.

The latter is obviously the most ambitious and interesting collection. Through constantly  updating and selection, this collection should become a kind of annotated and interactive bibliography to which you can always refer.

As already mentioned, this version of hypervideo is still under development. We invite you to test it and submit your critique comments, as well  your suggestions for new content that should be to added to the different collections.

I hope you will enjoy it!


P.S. Naturally it is still possible to watch and download the normal animation video  (in a MOV. Format), for example here.


Joscha Jäger consultancy and set-up support

Neue Big/Daniela Berto content strategy and production

FrameTrail Background

FrameTrail has been developed by Joscha Jäger at Merz Akademie Stuttgart in the context of the remediate research project, mainly funded by “MFG Baden-Württemberg” (centre of excellence for creative industries, media, and film) and “Landesanstalt für Kommunikation” (LFK, Media Authority of Baden-Württemberg).

In 2017 it received public funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) via the Prototype Fund to develop new video annotation technology and interfaces.


Launch of the first experimental version of the HIRMEOS Hypervideo on OA Monographs

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